Where we're going...

Save the date for our Holiday Party:

 DATE    Saturday, December 9th

 TIME     12:00 - 5:00 (stay tuned for information about hikes before lunch)

 PLACE    Muir Beach Community Center, 19 Seascape Dr, Muir Beach, CA

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Where We've Been...

In 2016, 16 GLS hike leaders offered 73 outings all over the SF Bay Area. In addition to leading a variety of hikes ranging from challenging hikes and exciting peak-bagging to leisurely city walks, we also hosted three camping trips, a couple kayak adventures, and a tarantula walk. Additionally, we helped break the world record of most Rosie the Riveters at the WWII Home Front Museum.  Throughout the year, Russ Hartman continued to lead the monthly Corona Heights stewardship activity. We are grateful to him for his commitment to this ongoing project, since conservation is one of the core values of the Sierra Club.  On Earth Day, Angie and Hennie led other GLSers up to Mt. Tam where they joined forces with other environmentalists to do trail maintenance.  For the more indolent, we also screened movies, watched birds, attended talks and socials, and rocked out at the Holiday Party.

The leaders who took people “out in nature” to “enjoy, explore, and protect” in 2016 were Angie Romagnoli, Ann Lehr, Beth Bittle, Cindy Icke, Claudine Offer, Elizabeth Tucker, Hennie Sholars, Julie VanTilburg, Leslie Caplan, Lorna Turner, Marian Stainbrook, Nancy Kates, Paget Valentzas, Pam loPinto, Russ Hartman, and Sylvie Hessini.

Who We Are:

The San Francisco Bay Area Gay & Lesbian Sierrans is an outings and conservation club for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered people, queer identified people and our friends.

We are an official activities section of the Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club. Founded in 1986, we were the Sierra Club's first gay and lesbian activities section. We're still one of the largest of a growing number of GLS chapters around the country.

We sponsor a variety of activities offering something for almost anyone who enjoys the outdoors. GLS outings run the gamut from easy urban strolls to vigorous peak hikes; relaxed car camping to demanding wilderness backpacks and naturalist-led walks; to hands-on restoration and trail maintenance. Everyone is welcome on our outings, whether or not they have joined GLS.

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